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CDON.COM was launched as a pioneer in e-commerce already in 1999. CDON.COM’s success became the foundation of Qliro Group. Since then, we have grown by broadening our product range, launching new online stores and acquisitions. We have also extended our business by launching payments and financial services.

In 2007, we acquired the fashion company Nelly. Back then we were still owned by MTG, which distributed us to its shareholders. As a result of that, we became a listed company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 2010.

Since then, much has happened. Nelly has grown in fashion and launched NLY Man that is catering to men. CDON.COM has created the Nordic region’s leading department store online and invited external merchants to sell from its platform.

In addition, we have launched Qliro to simplify online payments. So far, 2.5 million consumers have paid with Qliro. Qliro now has a wide range of payment solutions across the Nordic region and several digital services to simplify the everyday lives of its customers.

For a while we also owned Tretti, Lekmer and Health and Sports Nutrition Group. Today Qliro Group is a leading group in the Nordics in digital commerce and financial services.